Flower Essences

Flower Essences are not aromatherapy oils and do not contain a scent or fragrance. Flower Essences are highly dilute tinctures of wildflowers in spring water. They are generally taken orally but can also be used in crèmes, sprays or in the bath.

Flower essences act as catalysts for change and personal growth. This occurs by addressing deeply ingrained patterns of behavior which take away from a client’s quality of life. They can create awareness and shifts in hard to address issues like guilt, worry, depression, vocation, regret, fear, sexual issues of all kinds, anger, trust, self esteem, etc.

Flower Essences work by helping introduce new ways of being in the world and creating change as opposed to simply masking symptoms. This means a flower essence combination is not something you need to take “forever.” Once change and growth has occurred, they individual no longer needs to take those essences. This is not a therapy for those that simply want to “feel better,” it is for those that are ready for change and want to live a more fulfilling life.