Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, involves tapping on carious meridians to help release the hold that emotional blockages can have on our physical well-being. EFT works along the same lines as Acupuncture, except EFT does not use needles. As with Acupuncture, tapping these points helps move subtle energy through the body via pathways called meridians. Meridians connect to our nerves, organs and systems delivering a flow of energy to help balance their function.

When our emotions are negative, they cause disruptions in our energy field; EFT helps smooth that disruption and allows is to function more freely. It is useful in releasing various issues, including pain, allergies, and addictions. We cannot ignore the emotional and mental element in all disease – EFT not only helps bring these issues to light, but offers each client their own unique solution.

EFT is often called “Emotional Acupuncture”. It is especially helpful for traumas, allergies, and for anxiety and depression, but it can also be used for releasing the emotional charge around any event or trauma as well.

Initial Session: 90 minutes $105 +gst
Follow-up Session: 60 minutes $88 +gst