Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnosis can be used for pain management, reducing stress,
allowing for optimal health, optimal weight, managing depression and
grief and releasing blocks and beliefs held in the subconscious mind
that are not conducive to your success. Sometimes memories or past
events need to be re-written and released for you to experience
ultimate freedom. Additionally you can experience enhanced physical
performance in sports or other activities. The subconscious mind is
the key to personal growth and wellness.
During hypnosis a person is completely aware of what is being said to
them and during hypnosis our subconscious mind is open to positive
suggestion. We can also re-visit and reframe old childhood memories
that have negative impact and make changes that are beneficial to
you. Your first visit could be the start of an exciting new awareness
that you can harness the vast power of the mind and make positive
changes immediately.

Clinical hypnotherapy is powerful, safe, simple and effective to help
psycho-spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical conditions,
heightening energy and providing clarity and direction.

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Prana Closed – Thanksgiving Day
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Prana Holistic – Remembrance Day
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